Now That’s What I Call…..No. 10002874

The summer 2019 edition of Now That’s What I Call Things On Footpaths That Probably Shouldn’t Be There! Enjoy Ramblers!

A Tractor!
Scar Hole Lane2
Yet another great inland sea. Is Kirklees the “Lake District” of West Yorkshire?
A maze maze of gates & no right of way signs.
Brand new & dodgy looking step.
Not quite 3 steps to heaven.
Something to give you a warm after walk glow – nettles!
What the….?
Classic path sign
Another footpath classic – the pallet obstruction.
Unhinged. Like OMG,literally!
An upgrade from the usual pallets – palisade fencing!
Welcome to the countryside 🙂
Built during the West Yorkshire wood shortage of 1983
Not one for a wet day or hay fever sufferers
The National pothole archive on Ramsden Road.

Footpath Fun In Calderdale


A change is as good as a rest they say. Whilst it’s good to explore new paths in different areas it’s a shame the same old problems of dodgy stiles and obstructions remain an irritating ever present wherever you go. They’re certainly something that can always be relied upon on public footpaths. They say you are never more than 6 feet away from a rat in the town and it would seem the rural equivalent is an obstruction on a public path.


I planned a quick mile walk using an OS map to secure a view of a passing steam train on the Worth Valley Line. Part of the route was on the “Worth Valley Way” and another section the “Railway Children Walk” In that  mile or so I battled with nettles, skinny stiles,barbed wire and broken gates. If Jenny Agutter herself had stepped out onto the path waving a pair of red bloomers warning of an upcoming hazard I wouldn’t have been surprised!

The train was good.


Well Done Kirklees 2

Holmfirth Footpath 133

At this rate PathWatch will be retiring soon. Holmfirth Footpath 133 had been wrecked by the twin troubles of 4×4’s and water damage. As can be seen above the promised repairs have now been undertaken and to a good standard too. Real pleasure to see it and walk up there.

In other good news a new hard wood footbridge has been ordered by Kirklees to replace Blackpool Bridge and it is hoped this will be in by the autumn. Good news indeed.


Thanks 🙂

“Equitable Way Forward” How’s That Working Out?


It is some 7 months on from Kirklees Council’s unexplained decision to drop plans for an experimental traffic regulation order to restrict motor vehicles on Ramsden Road for 18 months. The plan, agreed with senior managers and councillors, was to allow for repairs to be undertaken and then bed in whilst being protected from vehicles for a short period.

So 7 months on how is the “Equitable Way Forward” getting on? Well it’s looking rather potholed as you can see from the photos. Despite the dry summer of 2018 and the equally dry winter that followed Ramsden Road continues to deteriorate and is particularly bad for pedestrians (traditionally the lowest of the low here in Kirklees). The flat top section of Ramsden Road is pitted with potholes and developing inland lakes despite the unusually dry past 12 months.

Repairs carried out by Kirklees in June 2018 have noticeably suffered from damage by vehicles. Even now in late June there is a large new pool which has developed this year and which walkers now have to deviate around. This damage is caused by legal use of Ramsden Road by vehicles. This sort of  thing  and this sort of thing for instance. It’s hard to see how the current surface or any future repairs will hold up to this type of usage or to understand why the council have now chosen to ignore the issue.

Of course the council know exactly what the issue is as can be seen from the following correspondence

From: Rob Dalby Sent: 22 August 2018 17:45 To: Cllr Nigel Patrick <> Subject: RE: Ramsden Road – Experimental TRO

Dear Cllr Patrick,

I do take this seriously, and this is not a decision taken lightly. You raised the decision process previously and as you may recall I CC’d in the portfolio holder Cllr Mather, I subsequently discussed the matter with her and she advised this was an operational decision, and as such rested with officers.

These actions are to address some long term issues that I have inherited, and have been in response to a s.56 notice . The upper section has been repaired, but as I have previously advised the lower section with the significant degradation that is the result of both damage caused by recreational off road vehicles such as land rovers and that damage being exacerbated by the water ingress and action within the non sealed surface and damaged substrates, is beyond an easy remedial fix, and will require significant intervention.

I do fully appreciate your points raised previously that relatively small scale actions to maintain the route earlier would have forestalled the need for this more drastic and on the face of it draconian response, but given the present condition of the route, the way forward of putting in place an experimental – and so by its nature time limited restriction of use, and then comparing that against another route of similar character that does have the earlier water management intervention possibly opens up more routes longer term, as it will demonstrate the cost benefit of those works.

This was gone into following talks with the national park, and how they are looking to address similar issues, and it is my intention to meet with and discuss the various merits and objections with as many groups as possible once we have all the interventions in place.


From: Rob Dalby Sent: 19 July 2018 11:25 To: Cllr Nigel Patrick; Cc: Elizabeth Twitchett; Jacqui Gedman; Cllr Donald Firth; Cllr Kenneth Sims; Cllr Naheed Mather; Karl Battersby Subject: RE: Ramsden Road, Holmbridge Attachments: RE: Meeting with Rob Dalby and Will Acornley – More suggested dates and times
Dear Cllr Patrick,

I do appreciate your viewpoint, and this was why I understood after the conversation with yourself and your ward colleagues ( notes sent afterwards attached) that the experimental notice would be put in place and that we would then identify similar routes that could have drainage work undertaken to see if this would preserve the surface. The reason it is a time limited notice is that the matter can be subject to some rigour to come up with a longer term solution to allow sustainable access to our routes.

You have mentioned enforcement, but the issue at Ramsden road specifically is that the route is not being used illegally, there is a legal right for 4×4 usage, but it is that very allowed usage that has certainly contributed and exacerbated any issues with surface degradation. The issue of illegal use would be more in the realm of the Police if the driving was dangerous.

This issue was discussed with the previous portfolio holders but I have including the present portfolio lead Cllr Mather so that she can if she wishes comment on this.


Meanwhile …


Deliberate damage by a vehicle
The type of damage caused by current legal usage. This was repaired 12 months ago.
More of the damage caused by legal vehicular use. Again this was resurfaced only 12 months ago


It’s plain to see that any repairs are vulnerable to damage by legal vehicular use and that the council know this is the case. Why then would they permit any future works to go ahead without mitigating this risk?


The Nettles Are Stinging This Year.

Footpath to Cartworth.

PathWatch has inadvertently provided a useful public service by walking the nettle infested path to Cartworth. We can assure you,ramblers, that the nettles of 2019 are well and truly stinging! You’re welcome.

Regular readers may recall that this path was cleared by  Path Watch Fairies  this time last year in connection with England’s World Cup campaign. It would seem that the women’s team aren’t having the same effect.

And just to show that nothing ever gets better in the world of Kirklees public rights of way here’s a photo of Hilda’s steps looking like …..well a lost world with uncontacted tribes like they always do in the summer.

Hilda’s Steps,Holmfirth