Pennine Way at Torside

longdondale (1 of 1) (800x533).jpg
From the Pennine Way at Longdendale

The Peak District  National Park have received this planning application for the erection of a 15 metre pole incorporating antennas, satellite dishes,equipment cabinet and secure compound. Also included is the upgrading of 70 metres of existing track to form an access roadway.

The plans submitted do not show any of the public rights of way at the site or the Pennine Way which is a National Trail. However the address of the site is given as “Pennine Way,Glossop”! The quality of the submitted plans makes judging how the Pennine Way is affected difficult.

It does look like the Pennine Way is directly affected at the point it leaves Torside dam to climb the short section of steps to a seat before continuing on through the woods. The section through the woods which is a really pleasant walk at the moment seems to be taken into the 3 metre wide 70 metre long access road for the site in the submitted drawings. This would of course ruin this section of footpath not just for Pennine Way walkers but also for the many others who enjoy walking around Torside.

Interestingly the lengthy “Supplementary Information” provided by the applicant and justifying the choice of site refers to another site in Snowdonia!

The Pennine Way deserves better than this.

Comments on this planning application are open until 21st July 2017


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