Holmfirth Footpath 31 Robinson Lane

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A 4 metre  retaining wall will be built to left of path and a tunnel for the path at the far end as site will be raised by 5 metres for building.

Until fairly recently this field which is crossed by Holmfirth Footpath 31 produced an annual crop of silage around this time of year. The neighbouring fields were stocked with cattle and the public enjoyed walking here amongst land that has hardly changed since farming came to the valley. Agriculture has stopped now and this little green oasis off Woodhead Road is likely to be paved over and built on.

In the planning void which currently exists in Kirklees provisional open land like this is prey to developers. The council is in a wilderness of it’s own making caught between an out of date Unitary Development Plan and a new Local Development Plan. The council cannot demonstrate a five year housing supply and so land such as this is picked off by developers like wolves nailing a sickly deer out in the open.

The plan for this field and Holmfirth Footpath 31 is to build 70 houses here. You can’t blame the wolves for doing what comes naturally but you have to ask how has our local council allowed this situation to happen?

These green spaces and public rights of way are valued by many  and this path is well used by locals. I walked the path today in warm August sunshine, surrounded by trees and with a view to Castle Hill. Swallows were feeding in the air above and there was a real sense of place, tranquility and amenity.

The path will still be there when the houses are built but the green grass,views and rural character will be gone. The path will be a ghost of it’s former self, contained by retaining walls, overlooked by residents who don’t want it, littered with garden waste probably and  forced into a tunnel beneath a new road. The amenity and character of the path will be lost forever.

The plans can be viewed here but the deadline for comments is tomorrow!



3 thoughts on “Holmfirth Footpath 31 Robinson Lane”

  1. I made similar comments to the planning dept. The applicant plans to raise the field by 5m, presumably to make access to Woodhead road less of a steep slope. Hence the tunnel for the footpath to go under the road. This is an important wildlife corridor too. Roe deer frequently visit and there are many species of birds, insects and mammals. We should draw up a list of all the potential brownfield sites in Kirklees and insist that the council prioritises them for development instead of allowing our green spaces to disappear. It’s scandalous.

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