What a load of rubbish!

Our Holmfirth street is beginning to look like an updated version of the 1970’s winter of discontent. Piles of black bin bags and over flowing wheely bins line the road after our hopeless council failed to empty 4,000 bins in the area this week. Read the full story here

From a Path Watch point of view it is reassuring to see local councillors and hundreds of residents treated with the same degree of distain as the walking public. The council won’t give a reason for the bin collection cock up beyond saying “operational” issues were to blame. Now where have I heard that sort of limp reasoning before? It’s the well thumbed and dog earred Kirklees Big Book Of Excuses again! Maybe the local “Friends of the binmen” group could help out?

The bin wagon drove past the 1970’s recreation along Holmfirth’s bin lined streets this morning and could be found parked up outside a popular local butchers in Hade Edge where the occupants were enjoying a hearty breakfast. So to some degree then it’s business as usual and the operational issues must have been resolved. Good to see the council’s worked force getting their priorities right in these challenging times.

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