Huddersfield Footpath 433 and It’s gates.

IMG_20171113_120622 (1)
The underwhelming start to Huddersfield Footpath 433. I can remember when all this was fields 😉

A good few posts back I referred to this application in a tongue in cheek piece on rights of way being invisible in the planning process in Kirklees. In a funny peculiar way the application was then withdrawn without explanation. The exact same proposal popped up again on 17th November 2017 for public consultation.Unsurprisingly there was no mention at all that the proposed gates would illegally obstruct the start of Huddersfield Footpath 433 and put most people off using the path. This is despite Path Watch pointing out this material consideration during the previous consultation. Again this is a proposal drawn up by a supposedly professional company (whose details are on the planning application if you want to avoid them). How can they in all honesty miss this obvious problem in the application?Kirklees planners have seen fit to advertise the application again as it is and containing this obvious “error”. One would have thought they’d send it straight back with a note saying FOOTPATH!!!! rather than waste everyone’s time doing the same thing all over again? Reminds me of Homer Simpson climbing up to those beers caught on a powerline and continually grabbing them despite getting a shock every single time. You know this one

The incognito gate.

More worryingly I discovered that the planners at Kirklees had initially not consulted the public rights of way unit on the proposal. They have now and an objection has been submitted.This path has in effect being stopped up by the presence of some existing gates and a post and rail fence which has a tiny gate in it disguised as part of the fence and barely visible. The effect has been to divert the path onto adjacent land as can be seen on the map. The path follows the black line not the line of tread outside the property.

Comments are open until 2nd December. Might be worth mentioning the footpath 😉



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