Huddersfield Footpath 433 & the Hokey Cokey Gates

IMG_20171113_120622 (1)

First they were in,then out.Then in and now out again. The saga of a planning application to erect illegal gates across the start of Footpath 433 took another peculiar twist today with news from Kirklees planners that in a further hokey cokey move the application had been withdrawn. Is it being shaken all about you might wonder?

It’s clear from the consultation response that Kirklees Prow had objected to the original application (92517) in early October and were perhaps not best pleased to have the same proposal put back in only weeks later which of course would be rejected for the same reasons!

There’s a little glimpse here into the internal machinations of Kirklees planners who clearly hadn’t thought to consult with their valued colleagues in Prow despite the obvious existence of a public footpath at the site and the fact that the application had itself been advertised under Article 8 as affecting a public path!

This can’t really be excused as a genuine mistake (they knew the path was there) it’s more of a cultural problem with planners who tick the boxes for prow but don’t really want to have humble footpaths messing things up for them. If it isn’t 6 metres wide,black, with a white line down the middle ,well they don’t want to know. And the Prow network of Kirklees is a monument to this prevailing attitude.

But don’t despair Path Watch is on the case shining a light into these unsavoury bureaucratic corners. I like to think the blog has had some small (ok miniscule)  influence here and the planners are blinking in the light wondering what the …….’s going on 😉




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