Holmfirth Footpath 31 & Miller Homes. Planning Application Refused.

Robinson Lane (1 of 1)
Holmfirth Footpath 31 Robinson Lane.

Good news! This awful proposal to build 62 houses on some lovely green fields and trash a delightful public footpath in the process has been knocked back 🙂

Here’s a snippet from the letter received today.

Dear Sir/Madam
Planning Application: 2017/93326
For: Outline application for erection of residential development (62 dwellings) and formation
of new access to Woodhead Road
At: Land off Woodhead Road, Brockholes, Holmfirth
The planning application for the above development was Refused on 14-Dec-2017. The representations which you submitted were taken into account before the decision was reached.

3 thoughts on “Holmfirth Footpath 31 & Miller Homes. Planning Application Refused.”

  1. It’s been appealed by Miller Homes & there’s to be a hearing. They’ve already appealed against the decision for the original application to cover both fields with houses. The other application for the other field has been altered so the footpath doesn’t go through a tunnel. They’re very determined to build on here. The council should just say enough is enough. We’ve said no.


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