Colne Valley Footpath 214

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The Marsden Sycamores

This  planning application at Scout above Marsden comes with a fairly terse letter from the applicant’s professional agent acknowledging that there are rights of way in the “vicinity” of the development but that the development does “not impact upon them” Being a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute you’d have thought he’d be at the top of his game? Surprise! Surprise! As Cilla used to say because Colne Valley Footpath  214/30 is within the site boundary and would it seems be built on and obstructed by the proposed development.

Here’s the Kirklees Prow consultation response.

2017/93636 Greystones Farm – PROW objection
This is a brief initial objection to this application – further details may be supplied by PROW, dependent on whether
the application is valid, withdrawn or amendments are made to it.
Please do not grant any planning consent for the site identified in this application without reverting to PROW.
The proposed development construction would obstruct the public footpath Col/214/30, which is incorrectly
identified in the application submissions. There is inadequate information in the submissions to mitigate this
The public rights of way are a material factor in consideration of this application and have not been satisfactorily

If you are not getting the Cilla joke have a look at this gem


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