Electric Security Gates – Scourge of public paths

Electrically powered security gates stop passage on this public footpath

The June 2009 google street view clearly shows how this footpath used to be. An open and inviting start to a path with a spectacular view across the Colne Valley. This is how it had always been up there for as long as I can remember.

But not anymore. Back in 2013 things went rather pear shaped with the appearance of electrically powered security gates. These were duly reported to our ever vigilant council but nothing was ever done. Four and a half years later these gates continue to block public access. Bit of a mystery really as you can clearly see from google street view how things have changed and how the path is now obstructed. Furthermore I understand there are no gates recorded here on the Council’s Definitive Map and statement. The Council of course has a full record of the state of the network from a 2007 survey which  includes photographs. I’ve seen these images and they clearly show no security gates just an old regular gate which as I recall was always open anyway. So there is a lot of information available about the unauthorised changes to this public footpath which the Council are duty bound to ensure remains open for public use.

 I’m told that the Council is unaware of any statutory justification for these gates and I rather suspect that there’s been some little “arrangement” made in the past here to allow these gates to remain in place. It’s not what you know it’s who you know.

There is now very clear  case law on just this sort of situation in addition to the already very clear statutory obligations Councils operate under. Surely our esteemed directors  at the Council are aware of this and would always act with integrity and in the public interest?


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