Castle Hill – Lumb Head Farm

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Castle Hill

planning application  for the erection of a 36 metres long by 12 metres wide and 5 metres high agricultural building has been submitted at Lumb Head Farm on Castle Hill.

There are a lot of lovely paths in this unspoilt area and one of them is affected by this proposal. It will come as no surprise to regular readers that there is no mention at all of any of the public footpaths in the application. This is despite the fact that the building is immediately adjacent to  Huddersfield Footpath 179. The full 36 metre length and 5 metre height of the building will form a solid barrier along  the South East side of this path and block out completely a rather wonderful view across the valley.

The footpath will also form the vehicular access to the South West end of the building. The scale and position of the building is such that it will be visible from the dense network of paths  below Castle Hill and of course will be very visible from the viewpoint of Castle Hill itself.

Clearly the application as it stands is deficient as it does not show how the public footpath will be affected and what,if anything, can be done to mitigate this. Putting a very large high building next to a rural footpath will have a negative effect on the public amenity of the path unless you have an interest in huge sheds rather than wonderful views. There are better places it could go.

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