Funny peculiar

Bathtime (1 of 1)
The murky waters of Kirklees.

Now here’s a funny thing. Funny peculiar not funny ha ha. In the planning consent for a development in the valley a note from the Council’s rights of way section stating the footpath through the site is illegally obstructed.

NOTE: Public footpath Holmfirth 666 is unlawfully obstructed on site. There should be no
obstruction or interference of public footpath 146 without relevant written consent of the local highway authority. Planning consent does not stop up or divert public rights or
authorise obstruction or interference of this public highway. Further information from the council’s public rights of way unit Flint Street, Fartown, Huddersfield, HD1 6LG 

The funny peculiar thing about it of course is that the opportunity to get the illegal obstructions removed as part of the development is not mentioned let alone taken. A missed opportunity to put things right and get something done for nothing.

This isn’t the responsibility of front line staff but it is indicative of the management culture within Kirklees which happily takes the legs off their own players as they stand in front of an open goal with just a tap in required.

In this particular case the Council have been reluctant to do anything for 20 years or more but the planning consent is something of a game changer.Part of the path which is access to the site will be widened and surfaced and the domestic curtilage extended over the footpath. Just how the public right of way has been dealt with as a material consideration in the planning process is outside my comprehension and possibly anyone else on the planet.

The Council know the path is there. The Council know the path is obstructed. The Council approve a planning application which physically alters the path and also takes more of the path into the curtilage of this property. The Council completely ignore their statutory duty to keep paths open. And of course the Council are sending out a pretty clear message to the developer that all this is ok.

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