Bob The Builder – Yes he can!

Development (1 of 1)
A greenfield site at Meltham.

The relentless,ruthless and very hungry planning free for all in Kirklees continues munching it’s way through every unguarded green space in the district. A plague of sharp suits, hard hats,indifference and dodgy money from the dark side devours all before it. Only terrified councillors and planning officials stripped naked of conviction and caught in the headlights of the monster are there to protect what’s left….Ok a bit OTT but it’s not good.

Here’s the latest batch of precious paths up for the chop. None of them  mentioned in any of the applications despite being clearly advertised as affecting a right of way.

Huddersfield Footpath 407  Huddersfield Footpath 405 Colne Valley Footpath 69  

and the unrecorded path at Washpit Mills

How hard can it be for Kirklees officials to secure a thorough consideration by developers of public paths affected by their proposals? It may be that if they did this work to mitigate some of the negative impacts of development on paths could be secured, funds to improve the path network nearby by could be banked and even new paths squeezed out of them where possible.



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