Dear Councillor…

HOL 145-10 padlock (1 of 1)
Under lock & key – a Kirklees path

I’ll happily admit to being one of those people who lumps most politicians a few thousand places beneath contempt. However every now and then I lose control of my cynicism and think “I’ll write to my MP/Councillor” only to be disappointed by the inevitable patronising response.  I lost control of my dim view recently after reading in   Kirklees Together  of the Councils success in prosecuting a dodgy wind turbine operator which I highlighted in Enforcement Success In Kirklees

So I wrote to Cllr Mather the Cabinet Member for enforcement amongst other things to congratulate the Council on its success with this case and of course to draw her attention to the obvious lack of any enforcement successes or prosecutions relating to the 1064 recorded obstructions on the Kirklees rights of way network. That was some 3 weeks ago and since then I’ve heard nothing. Maybe emails can’t get past the The Chief Exec’s Leaves by the door outside Civic Centre 3?

Another copy of the letter has been emailed today and one has gone in the snail mail which can’t be much slower. Meanwhile my chronic cynicism levels are back to a healthily high level.



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