Huddersfield Meaningless Black Line On A Map 231/ Byway 231/Bridleway 231 (Delete as appropriate)

Byway 221 obstruction 2 (1 of 1)

Kirklees Council continues to chop and change the Definitive status of Huddersfield Byway 231 depending on who’s asking. Members of the walking/cycling/riding public are advised by the Council’s “Department of Dodgy Definitions” that the Byway is “just a meaningless black line on a map” and to “run along” etc. Whilst presumably still keeping a straight face the “Department of Dodgy Definitions” regularly advises  its own planning department that the byway is a byway. So confident is the “Department of Dodgy Definitions” that the route is a byway that it has also objected to nearby development because of the effect on the byway !

The Department of Dodgy Definitions has also spent some £5,000 on a long and exhaustive investigation into the status of Byway 231 which came to the conclusion the byway is in fact a bridleway!

The latest contradictory definition was issued in condition 12 of a planning permission notice at Nether Moor Farm on 23 february 2018 –

12. Prior to works in associating with vehicular access, passing places and turning heads, as shown on plans ref.’4043-10-04’and SCP/17420.F02’ along Byway HUD/231/10 taking place and prior to occupation of the hereby approved dwellings, details of the surfacing and method of construction of vehicular access, passing places and turning heads shall be submitted to the Local Planning Authority. Prior to the occupation of the herby approved dwellings the details as so approved shall be implemented. The passing places and vehicle turning facilities shall thereafter be left free of obstruction and retaining for their intended purpose. Reason: In the interest of ensuring the safe and efficiency operation of the Highway Network, including local Public Rights of Way, 

It is now some 3 months since the November 2017 Planning sub committee gave authority to make an order reclassifying the route as a bridleway and unsurprisingly nothing has happened. No order has been made and of course the fabled enforcement action that the committee report would “inform” has turned out to be a fairy story.

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The cost of doing nothing.




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