New Pen Pal Wanted

Cllr Mather

Sadly my pen pal relationship with the council’s cabinet member with responsibility for enforcement has turned out to be a little one sided. Having contacted Councillor Mather back in January  about the lack of any public rights of way enforcement in Kirklees I was a little disappointed to say the least that she  got someone else to reply ! I’m not entirely sure of pen pal etiquette but this just didn’t feel right.

So I wrote  again in February and then followed that up with a polite reminder in early April.  All I’ve had in return is a blank email !  I suppose you could say I can’t take a hint. Clearly she’s trying to tell me something. But unless the good councillor uses words it’s hard to understand just what it is.

Anyway I’ve decided I need a new pen pal at Kirklees and I like the look of Councillor Pandor ,the Deputy Leader. I shall write and ask him about his foray to Cannes in March and see if he’ll tell us how much we paid for it and what benefits are likely to be forthcoming for the residents of Kirklees as a result of his continental expedition. I’m sure it’ll go down well.

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