Kirklees Question Time

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Apparently it’s national democracy week! Whilst it’s not quite going to reach the exhilarating heights of England’s World Cup run  I thought it worth asking a question on the state of the rights of way network at a question time  event with the political big cheeses at Kirklees.

My question is at about 40 minutes 48 seconds in and gets off to a slightly weird start as Cllr Hall talks at some length about the state of the roads in Kirklees and his days as a cabinet member! I didn’t expect much but I’ve made a mental note to lower the expectation bar a for the future.

Cllr Cooper was altogether more thoughtful in his answer but fell into the trap of blaming a “lack of resources” and stating that these obstructions will not get sorted because of this.

The Council had resources when the 1064 obstructions were built up prior to 2007. Resources have never been the problem. It is the management culture within the Council that constantly fuels expensive cock ups.

If Cllr Cooper has any doubt about this assertion I’d invite him to read “As the compromise has no legal standing it is of course open to challenge” and the FOI linked to it. This issue should have been sorted out 5 years ago but remains ongoing . It has become something of a sump for public resources to drain into. Surely council cash spent on making ultra vires agreements with landowners against the public interest would be better spent on….well doing what the Council are funded to do?

The cost of doing nothing.  Is another hugely expensive cock up generated by the Council which remains unresolved. The public funds which have gone into achieving nowt here could probably have strimmed the path network for 2 or 3 summers.

Clayton Fields – Peak Parody? Continues to rumble on with more public resources draining away in an attempt to deal with public path claims which the Council has sat on for over 20 years!

Holmfirth Footpath 150 at Gate Head shows how the Council happily sends staff out year after year to inspect problems it already knows exist and then does nothing about them.

And of course the Planning Department have their own state of the art Cock Up Generator which can’t help but chuck a spanner in the works as in Holmfirth Bridleway 154 and Planning Condition 4 This should have been a simple enforcement issue for planning but instead it was palmed off to Highways who sent bridge engineers on site and then rights of way staff had it dumped on them and still there is no resolution.

My one and only suggestion is that Kirklees unplug the Cock Up Generators for a trial period and deal with matters as per their own policies and statutory obligations. Get someone to keep a track of things with a calculator and just see how it goes.

We could do with a friendly Councillor to suggest this…..


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