One Step Forward And Two Back In Colne Valley

Col 144 building waste (1 of 1)
Fly tipping on Colne Valley Footpath 144

Back in June I came across this picturesque landscape feature, or fly tipping as it’s probably better recognised as, on Colne Valley Footpath 144. Some 3 months later I received the positive news that the fly tipping had been “removed” from the path. I put the word removed in inverted commas because what has happened is probably stretching the definition of the word beyond breaking point.

As a picture tells a thousand words take a look at the ones below which show what has happened to the fly tipping.



As you can see the public footpath has been extensively excavated and the fly tipped waste is being buried beneath the path in the style of a good old fashioned landfill site. Fly tipping is of course a criminal offence which carries hefty penalties. I don’t believe it is normal practice for those caught fly tipping to be given the opportunity to bury the waste where they’ve dumped it when caught out but perhaps this is a new initiative like the Shetland Ponies?

The Council have been asked if they know the waste is being “removed” in this way and if it has their seal of approval.

On a more positive note the John Manure Trail mountain of dung at the top of Footpath 144 has been removed (no sign of it being buried under the path) and the overgrown sections strimmed. This is good to see.

Col 144 manure2 (1 of 1)
The John Manure Trail back in June
All the manure has been removed in the true sense of the word.

And finally here’s an image showing off the lovely walking country to be found in the Colne Valley.


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