Current State of Colne Valley Footpath 144

The surface of Footpath 144

Path Watch has previously highlighted the council shenanigans in (not) dealing with fly tipping on Colne Valley Footpath 144   here , here , here and here

Sadly the path continues to deteriorate as can be seen from the following images taken on 13th November 2018.




The excavation and burying of waste has been going on for about 10 weeks now and there’s some pretty unpleasant material in and amongst it. What appears to be the contents of drains,plastics,metal etc all mixed into a muddy soup all over the footpath. Kirklees are fully aware of what is happening but have taken the rather odd view that as the person responsible had begun to dig up the path and bury waste permission should be granted for them to continue. To date there has been no explanation as to how this fits with the councils statutory obligations to act in the public interest and to protect both public footpaths and the environment.



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