Scaly Gate Hepworth.”Unmaintained In Character Only”

IMG_20190430_122941475 (1)
The shocking state of Scaly Gate . Unmaintained In Character Only?

Scaly Gate is another public road much used by walkers. As well as being popular locally it is also part of the Kirklees Way, a Council devised and promoted route. Scar End Lane  requires a skill set last seen in the New Testament for safe passage and is also part of the Kirklees Way.

It would be very easy to conclude that “Unmaintained In Character” is a more fitting description for the Councils Street Register as regards these neglected routes.

Scaly Gate.



One thought on “Scaly Gate Hepworth.”Unmaintained In Character Only””

  1. Hmmmmm….. Well, I’ve looked but can’t see that option set down in legislation. Can you assist? I’m surprised that someone hasn’t maintained their Legit complaint to Magistrates.


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