Blackpool Bridge Update. New Bridge In October!


Blackpool bridge will be replaced in October, Kirklees have confirmed. This is excellent news! The new bridge is something of an upgrade so should have a longer life and be more user friendly. See hear for original post on this.

The scheme is costing some £12,000 and has been partly funded by Peak & Northern Footpaths Society who have contributed to many new bridges over the years in Kirklees. Join the here

Holmfirth Footpath 133 – Repairs Underway.

New works late summer 2019

Footpath 133 at Gate Foot was extensively repaired in the early summer and then washed away in a downpour just weeks later. Thankfully the council have not walked away from this one and are on site now carrying out more extensive resurfacing and drainage works.

The degree of water damage mid summer 2019

What this case neatly demonstrates is the huge liability the council has in maintaining and repairing public paths in the Holme Valley. This one path has now been repaired extensively on 3 occasions and it will remain vulnerable to further damage due to it’s hillside location and the neglect of adjacent land and highways drainage.

Original works in early summer 2019

Strategic management of the rights of way network with high standards of governance and properly funded  and resourced staff are required to achieve any degree of success in such an area of work.

Stoning up hillside paths in the Pennines where there is a history of water damage is not a long term soloution on this or any other route and the council know this. Until they have a plan, a strategic direction and are properly resourced the same events will occur in the same places over and over again.

I hope the new works on Footpath 133 remain in place but the history of the site suggests otherwise.


Don’t Tell Hilda….

20190913_135030 (360x640)

Hilda’s steps on Holmfirth Footpath 161 have now been cleared of the Amazonian rain forest which had taken over.

For the first time in a decade it is possible to walk these  steps whilst being able to see all parts of your anatomy below the hips. Pretty vital to keeping on your feet on a steep flight of steps like this. The vicious nettles at the top of the path have also been strimmed off.

This is one of the paths Cllr Paul Davies has helped get cleared. It just goes to show the positive impact a councillor can have on local public rights of way .   It’s a refreshing change from councillors acting on behalf of path blockers, defending 4×4 use on vulnerable local lanes and arguing against the use of the widely agreed British Standard for gates ,gaps and stiles. And of course it is what the council should be doing and is a far more cost effective use of resources.

Previously On PathWatch….


Holmfirth Footpath 135 – Obstruction Removed!

The longstanding obstruction on Holmfirth 135.

The longstanding dry stone wall obstruction on Holmfirth Footpath 135 has been removed.  This path has been blocked for donkeys years and it is very pleasing to see it open. Just needs a sign on on Intake Lane.

New gate reopening the path. 

Thanks are due once again to the staff involved 🙂

Colne Valley Bridleway 197 Blocked By 2 Large Beech Trees


I only walked this path a couple of days ago and all was good. However the wind & rain of Thursday night/Friday morning has brought 2 huge beech trees down and left them hanging over this popular bridleway.  The trees are at the Blake Lee Lane, Marsden end of the path.

It’s an odd situation as a line of beeches is growing on top of a high drystone retaining wall. They are now left hanging over the path,partly in the river and partly on top of the wall. They could of course move again or the wall may come down as well.

It has been reported.


Bad Day At The Office For Pathwatch


It had to happen and today is the day! A bad day at PathWatch HQ.

Unfortunately the only news from the world of Kirklees Public Rights Of Way  today is good news. Two issues have come in which have mildly rocked the normally robust  PathWatch cynicism.

Firstly a long standing matter which has been subject to the usual managerial errors and evasion seems to be going very much in the right direction at last. It’s not  a perfect solution but  a good score draw away from home with something of an injury time equaliser feel about it. More on this at a later date when it is fully resolved but thanks to the efforts of frontline Kirklees staff for their recent work on this.

Secondly a resounding and public thank you to Councillor Paul Davies who less than 4 weeks ago received a request for a number of Holme Valley paths to be strimmed. Five of the 7 paths have been cleared already! This is incredibly positive,encouraging and will be appreciated by many 🙂




More On Holmfirth 135….

It’ll be ploughed out,cropped and knackered for another 10 months in a few weeks so I’m making the most of it. What should be a pleasant little link route is to all intents and purposes a part time path. The views are stunning from the path itself (see below).

Holmfirth 135. The Views.

And the path links to other routes on Hullock Bank and Scaly Gate to complete a nice little circular walk.

Scaly Gate

The other side to a walk in this area is the gauntlet of obstacles in your way.

Like the vegetation….


Intimidating signs…..

20190805_182221 (450x800)

And gates that don’t open and shouldn’t be there…


None of these problems are at all expensive to fix. A modest amount of gumption and a strimmer would easily rectify them and make Footpath 135 the attractive walk it should be.