Council Lose High Court Case Over Birkby Allotments.

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Congratulations to the campaigners who have defeated Kirklees Council in the High Court over the authorities bid to evict them from the allotments off Cambridge Road at Birkby. The case has been reported in the   Examiner  and the Council seem to have made an expensive cock up by not looking at their own records from 1935 which show they cannot serve eviction notices on the doughty gardeners. Who’d have thought it.

The Council now owe one of the allotment holders £12k in costs. The Council’s costs are reported as £27k !  A fair old bit of Ramsden Road or Scaly Gate or Scar End Lane could have been repaired on that.

Another stunning performance whichever way you look at it for our supposedly cash strapped council.

Take Care!


Not a huge amount of “remote,sparsely populated,potentially dangerous mountain country”  here in West Yorkshire. I suppose if this appeared on a local Holmfirth path as a change from “Beware of the bull” it’d be a novel attempt to put walkers off! However having walked both these routes on a few occasions I can confirm it is good advice indeed.

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About 10 miles on from the sign 🙂 

Limbo Shrub Gone!


PathWatch can exclusively reveal the famous “Limbo Buddleia,” which has been a challenge to all but the supplest of ramblers, has mysteriously disappeared!

Regular readers will recall Kirklees rolling out limbo  dance classes throughout the district to equip ramblers for just such obstacles. We spoke to the Councils limbo dance coordinator Mr Winston Toago-Lilt who said “Sup bro? Gone init?” Mr Tobago-Lilt went on to explain how the council were carrying out a thorough investigation into the missing shrub. “We ain’t cut nothin’ down for years bro. So it’s a complete mystery init?”

Members of the public are urged to keep an eye out for the overgrown shrub described as 10 feet high,green and wide enough to block a footpath. The shrubs last known whereabouts was the little path above Victoria Park Holmfirth.

Buddlia (1 of 1)
E Fit of the missing shrub

Letter From The Past


An eloquent letter to the the Huddersfield Chronicle dated  20th May 1865 (found on the excellent Huddersfield Exposed site) goes to show there really is nothing new under the sun. The author “one of the footpath lovers” laments the blocking of paths in Dungeon Wood (Lockwood,Huddersfield) by a railway company. The author’s words are as relevant today as a 150 years ago.

Without footpaths and bridlepaths “the working man would be buried in cotton dust ten and a half hours a day and road dust the remainder” says the footpath lover before describing paths as “the working man’s parks” and warning “the time is fast coming when the footpath through the green and verdant sloping hills will be the only chance we shall have left to view nature in her loveliest garb, and breath her pure and healthy odour”.

We may have swapped mills for sedentary work at computer screens and today’s  Victorian working conditions of zero hours contracts and minimum wages but the sentiments remain as poignant as ever after all this time. Access to the countryside is not a luxury we can’t afford but an essential element of a rounded human existence.

And like the “footpath lover” from Lockwood says if we don’t as a society protect them “we have only ourselves to blame”


The full letter is well worth a read here and the excellent Huddersfield Exposed site is here