Colne Valley Footpaths 191 & 192. Berry Greave & Hey Cottages


Interesting example in the  correspondence     between Kirklees Highways/Planning departments and the developer involved with a  planning application  at Berry Greave,Marsden of public paths being ignored in the planning process. Colne Valley Footpath 192 is directly affected by the proposal here as it provides the only access to the site. It would seem reasonable therefore that highways development control would be looking at the effects of the intensification of use by residential traffic  likely to be caused by these proposals and where possible asking for steps to mitigate this.

From reading the correspondence it appears that Kirklees have started out by asking for passing places to be constructed on the access (Colne Valley Footpath 192) which given the lane  is not wide enough for cars to pass and also carries pedestrians would seem reasonable. Unfortunately the developer thinks this is “overkill” says “Boo!” and  this request is dropped with rather undue haste.

At no time is Colne Valley Public Footpath 192 mentioned other than when it is incorrectly called a road. This is despite the fact that Planning have received public comments about Footpath 192 and the development.

A second planning application which directly affects Colne Valley Footpath 192 has now been received by Kirklees. The only access to the Hey Cottages site is via the public footpath. Of course  Kirklees could have already secured improvements to protect footpath users and accommodate an increase in residential traffic via the previous planning application had it not been so timid. As it stands I’ve no doubt both proposals will be waived through to the detriment of public access.

And so it goes across the entire 700 odd miles of public rights of way in Kirklees. A slow attrition of the quality of paths and the walking experience in favour of the car and making a quick buck.