Kirklees Ramblers Donate Footpaths To Cyclists

In a shock move Kirklees Ramblers have donated a number of public footpaths to local mountain bikers. The startling donation comes ahead of the British Cycling campaign to take over footpaths throughout England in a wave of lycra and funny helmets.

Local rambler and stalwart member of Peak & Southern Footpaths Society, Benny Rothmans toldĀ  PathWatch “It’s a no brainer really. You can’t walk down any of these paths so the mountain bikers are welcome to them. I spent a lot of time hanging round the bike sheds when I was young with a lass called Nora . Closest I ever got to cycling”.

Benny very kindly provided PathWatch with some photos of the donated public footpaths. “I think they are what they call technical” said Benny.


hol 73 stile 4


Hol 146 Upper Millshaw (1 of 1)

Oilseed (1 of 1)

IMG_20171101_151114 (640x360)

HOL 131 vegetation (1 of 1)