Holmfirth Bridleway 154 and Planning Condition 4

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As reported previously  Holmfirth Bridleway 154  has been seriously messed about with. This is despite  planning condition 4 requiring prior approval of a scheme to ensure the bridleway is made suitable for residential traffic, bridleway users and a bridge structure. This should have been submitted by the developer for approval by Kirklees BEFORE work on the development began.  Kirklees have no record of this condition being being met.

This illustrates the difficulties involved in properly protecting public rights of way in the planning process. In this instance Kirklees would appear to have done everything right in identifying the bridleway affected and putting in an appropriate condition to balance the need for residential vehicular access whilst acknowledging the public status of the lane.

Now the Council is faced with resolving a completely  unnecessary problem either via planning or highways enforcement, no doubt involving meetings,correspondence and the inevitable compromise this will lead too. The cost of this is of course paid by the taxpaying public not just in monetary terms but in the scarce officer time lost on dealing with this issue and potentially the permanent degradation of a public amenity.

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